I would love to share my creative side with you. I've spoken to large groups of students K-5, led character design and comic creation workshops for high schoolers, and even some one on one art training.

Please contact me on how we can make an eye opening and jaw dropping experience for your next event.

drewbrockington [at] gmail [dot] com


Single School Visit.........................$500

Full Day (Up to 3 Schools).............$1200

Skype Talk (45-60 min)...................$100

Please note that any travel/accommodation expenses are additional.

Interested in hosting an appearance?

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We'll focus on how a graphic novel is created, beginning with discussing drawing inspiration from real life and applying it to your stories. We look at historical photos from Nasa’s Apollo program and discuss how part of history influenced the look and feel of the CatStronauts book. Then, I transition into a live drawing demonstration where I reveal the secret to drawing my characters (Spoiler: It’s a potato). Afterwards, the audience is asked to participate by demonstrating some Astronaut Training Methods to they newly drawn CatStronaut recruit. The presentation wraps up with singing a song together and a Q and A session.

Total Time: About 45 Minutes

Equipment Needed:

Projector connected to a Laptop with Powerpoint and usb port. Large Easel with Drawing Pad.

Students can bring some drawing supplies with if they want to draw along during the drawing demo.

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